OFYR Outdoor Grill

Ofyr model
OFYR 85:  Medium Grill – 85/100. Easily caters for up to 30-40 people.
OFYR 100:  Large Grill – 100/100. Caters for up to 50 people.
Technical details

Weight 90Kg


Outside diameter 85cm                                                    

Hole diameter 40cm


Height 22cm

Diameter 82cm


Height 78cm

Depth 43cm

Weight  122Kg


Outside diameter 98cm

Hole diameter 50cm


Height 25cm

Diameter 98cm


Height  75cm

Depth  50c


Welcome to the OFYR a unique design for incredible versatility. This functional artwork is designed to bring beauty, warmth, food and friendship to your outdoor living space. It will immediately become a focal point for any outdoor occasion.

The OFYR's simple, classic lines work in harmony with any setting, from country lawn to chic restaurant terrace and offers a practical solution that makes cooking for large numbers of people simple and low-maintenance. The cone-shaped fire bowl features a wide, flat rim that doubles as a high- efficiency cooking surface. Whether your frying eggs, slow-cooking vegetables or grilling a tender steak the heat radiates from the center in a perfectly fluid gradient, enabling you to cook at different temperatures on a single hotplate.

It has a three-part module design making the OFYR easy to move around, and can be left outdoors uncovered all year round no matter what the weather. The rusty look of the OFYR is intentional this is to ensure they are resistant to all weather conditions. The OFYR is so simple to clean, food scrapes and excess oil go straight onto the fire! All you need to do is wipe the single hotplate with a damp cloth and its ready for the next cooking experience. This beautiful piece is not only virtually maintenance free but can open your world to new possibilities for healthy, outdoor cooking.