Kettle BBQs


Kettle barbecues have been in demand since the early 50s, remaining popular for all kinds of bbq chefs - from the occasional garden cook right through to competition bbq teams and professional chefs.

The simple, classic design of a kettle bbq has stood the test of time thanks to its ease of use as well as impressive heat distribution. The addition of the rounded lid over the grill ensures that outside elements such as rain or wind do not interfer with the cooking, whilst the delicious charcoal or woodsmoke flavours really have a chance to permeate your food.

Kettle BBQs are also super versatile, and once mastered, it really is possible to cook anything - from simple burgers to a full roast dinner, or even baking a cake!

Weber Kettle BBQs are perhaps the most renowned grills of this style, however we have chosen to feature kettle barbecues from ourtrusted manufacturer Napoleon. We believe they offer far better value for money with cast iron cooking grates on their higher models as well as offering a limited 10 year warranty so you can rely on your kettle for years to come.

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