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As one of the newest innovations in the BBQ world, Electric Barbecues offer the ultimate in convenience, firing up with just a flick of a switch and heating rapidly. Electric BBQs are very compact, for those short on space, or looking for a neat & tidy solution. Thanks to this, they are also very portable - just plug in and go!

As they are very new to the market, we currently only stock an electric BBQ model from Napoleon as we are confident with its quality and build.

If you are looking to make a greener choice environmentally, electric barbecues are definitely the future.

Note, many other barbecues do include electric elements especially when temperature controllers are used. This is the case for pellet grills - if you are looking for these, please click here to see our pellet barbecue range.

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Napoleon Electric BBQs

A relatively new product range for Napoleon and the BBQ world, Napoleon's Electric BBQ offering ...

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