Electric BBQs


As one of the newest innovations in the BBQ world, Electric Barbecues offer the ultimate in convenience, firing up with just a flick of a switch and heating rapidly. Electric BBQs are very compact, for those short on space, or looking for a neat & tidy solution. Thanks to this, they are also very portable - just plug in and go, perfect for camping, taking to friends parties and for cooking up a storm at home, not to mention, if you are looking to make a greener choice environmentally, electric barbecues are definitely the future.

Many other barbecues do also include electric elements especially when temperature controllers are used. This is the case for pellet grills - if you are looking for these, please click here to see our pellet barbecue range.

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Napoleon Electric BBQs

A relatively new product range for Napoleon and the BBQ world, Napoleon's Electric BBQ offering ...

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