Wood Fired BBQs & Fire Pits


Barbecues and firepits aren't always mutually exclusive, and we have some fantastic options that offer the unbeatable warmth of an open wood fire along with the ability to cook in the most socialable way.

These barbecues and firepits are specifically built to take split logs - click here if you are looking for gas firepit options or here for charcoal bbqs.

Pellet BBQs are also wood fueled (just in pellet form!), but we've kept these separate to keep it easy - click here for these.

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OFYR Wood Fired BBQs

A perfect focal point, the OFYR makes an impressive focal point in any garden or as a part of an out...

Yorkshire Grill Wood Fired BBQs

The Yorkshire grill is a beautiful, solid, well engineered wood or charocal fueled barbecue and fire...

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