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Outdoor Kitchens or BBQ kitchens are the very best way to make the most of your outside space and the time with your friends and family.  We offer outdoor kitchens of all shapes and sizes, from simple flatpack style kitchens to full bespoke projects with a tailored design service provided by our specialists at Vertex Outdoor Kitchens.

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Look out for our icons above to help show build requirements for our outdoor kitchen products

With all of our outdoor kitchen range, we offer the chance to choose a grillhead/bbq from our long established barbecue manufacturer partners to ensure the longevity, durability & function of this key bit of kit! Beyond the bbq, the choice is yours, with custom countertop & tiles, outdoor fridges, side burners and just about everything possible - including even bar style drink prep modules and outdoor kitchens with Big Green Eggs.

All of our outdoor kitchens require assembly, and some require a building professional for foundations & tiling etc. We can provide these professional services - from flatpack assembly to managing your build and even through to fully bespoke outdoor kitchen projects.

The BBQ Shop Outdoor Kitchens

We are delighted to introduce our newly created & collated Outdoor Kitchens. In addition to the Modular Outdoor Kitchen Units offered by our favourite manufacturers, and our Bespoke Outdoor Kitchens, we have put together 2 specially designed Outdoor Kitchens.

Our “BBQ Shop” Outdoor Kitchens have been designed based on feedback from our customers as well as our years of experience in outdoor kitchen design and fabrication to include everything we think that you could need as a part of the perfect outdoor entertaining set up, from beautiful glass fronted outdoor fridges to the famous ultimate chef’s tool: the Big Green Egg.  Our own bbq kitchens come in 2 styles - Yukon, a 3 metre straight run, and Calgary, our L-Shaped 5 metre outdoor kitchen with choice of BBQ grill heads from 4 favourite brands of BeefEater, Broil King, Napoleon & Whistler Grills.

Bespoke Outdoor Kitchens

Alongside our designed & modular ourdoor kitchens, we offer a complete bespoke outdoor kitchen service by our sister company, Vertex Outdoor Kitchens. If you are interested in a tailor-made outdoor bbq entertaining area, we will render a design individual to your needs to fit your space down to the mm. 

Modular Outdoor Kitchens

Our modular outdoor kitchens feature options from our leading parter outdoor kitchen manufacturers. These are delivered in a form of flatpack, for assembly on site. Modular outdoor kitchens allow for considerable customisation, with choices available to add on modules depending upon your needs, from a sink to an additional built in BBQ with unit. These modular kitchens vary in difficulty of assembly, which is why we use the '+' to signify this. '+' is the easiest to assemble, requiring less time and skill, with the most difficult showing '+++'. Note, irrespective of difficulty, these will all require a solid, flat surface on which to be placed. With all of our modular kitchens, we offer a deliver & assemble option should you prefer to keep your skills to the grilling!

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