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If you enjoy regularly spending time with & entertaining friends in your garden, or are an avid barbecue chef, an outdoor kitchen provides the perfect functionality and space.

We are delighted to introduce our newly created & collated Outdoor Kitchens. In addition to the Modular Outdoor Kitchen Units offered by our favourite manufacturers, and our Bespoke Outdoor Kitchens, we have put together 3 Outdoor Kitchens, each of a different shape and size.

Our “BBQ Shop” Outdoor Kitchens have been designed based on feedback from our customers as well as our years of experience in outdoor kitchen design and fabrication to include everything we think that you could need as a part of the perfect outdoor entertaining set up, from beautiful glass fronted outdoor fridges to the famous ultimate chef’s tool: the Big Green Egg.

The 3 kitchens are Yukon, Calgary & Vancouver, each of which is a different size and shape, to suit your outdoor space and needs. All 3 are constructed from a framework of patented concrete boxes which have been expertly engineered to ensure that each kitchen can be installed in just a few days by a tradesperson or builder. Due to the simple, yet effective nature of the construction material, there’s no need for lengthy building projects, or even footings, just a solid, hard standing base. Access points can be drilled into the units to allow for water, natural gas and electrical services as required.
Doors and drawers across the range are constructed from brushed stainless steel - an extremely versatile, rigid substrate which is impervious to water and swelling. All kitchens have a choice of 3 worktops, constructed from fully weatherproof solid 30mm British granite and 5 premium tile cladding options.

Within each kitchen type, we offer the choice of Grill-heads from 4 of our favourite BBQ brands: BeefEater, Broil King, Napoleon & Whistler Grills.

Yukon Outdoor Kitchens are based around a 3 metre straight run.
Calgary Outdoor Kitchens are L-Shaped with a total length of 5 metres. (Coming Soon)
Vancouver Outdoor Kitchens are our largest BBQ kitchens - a corner shape with a total of 6 metres. (Coming Soon)

Within each of our kitchen’s, we have up to 4 options, The Standard, The Pro, The Deluxe and for some The Deluxe Pro:

  • The Standard includes a specialist Outdoor Kitchen grill head, typically with 3 or 4 burners.
  • The Pro has an upgraded, larger grill head with 4 or 5 burners, and also includes an integrated side burner.
  • The Deluxe features a further upgraded grill-head - often including features such as additional burners for rotisseries as well as a commercial grade outdoor fridge, and integrated sider burner. Our Calgary & Vancouver Deluxe outdoor kitchens also feature the ultimate professional BBQ, a Big Green Egg.
  • The Deluxe Pro, only available for kitchens featuring Napoleon & BeefEater grill-heads include everything featured in The Deluxe, but with a larger grill head with additional primary burner.

If you are interested in a tailor-made outdoor bbq entertaining area, we also offer a bespoke consultation, design and build service - contact us for more details.

We also feature modular options from our leading outdoor kitchen manufacturers. If you would prefer to put together your own Outdoor Kitchen, using these units, check out our Modular Outdoor Kitchen listings, and use the product filters to help build up your kitchen.

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Yukon Outdoor Kitchens

Yukon Outdoor Kitchens, designed & supplied by The BBQ Shop are a 3 metre straight run kitchen f...

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EO Outdoor Kitchen Napoleon S3BILEX485
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EO Outdoor Kitchen Napoleon S1BILEX485
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EO Outdoor Kitchen Broil King S1Regal 420
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EO Outdoor Kitchen Napoleon S1BILEX605
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EO Outdoor Kitchen Whistler S1Burford 4
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EO Outdoor Kitchen Broil King S1Regal 520
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EO Outdoor Kitchen Whistler S1Burford 5
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EO Outdoor Kitchen Napoleon S1BIPRO500
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EO Outdoor Kitchen Napoleon S1BIPRO665
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EO Outdoor Kitchen Napoleon S1BIPRO825
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Beefeater Proline Side Quad Burner
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