Milano Wood Fired Pizza Oven

The Milano Wood Fired Pizza Oven is a great addition to any family garden or social event. The Milano's spacious cooking area cooking area and preparation table gives you enough space and flexibility to cook up to four pizzas or multiple dishes at a time.

With 8cm ceramic fibre installation and 3cm thick fire brick floor tiles, The Milano Wood Fired Oven will not only reach temperatures or 400°c within 20 minutes but will remain consistent throughout your cooking experience.

This brilliant wood fired oven is great for far more than just Pizza. It really is live fire cooking at its best. Simply position your burning wood and use the oven door and accessories to perform various cooking methods including BBQ, Baking, and Roasting. Your food will be packed full of delicious wood-fired flavour, every time.

The Milano Wood Fired Oven includes a mobile stand to help avoid tricky wind conditions as well as allowing easy movement from use to use. The Milano Ovens have a flat base. This means that they can be mounted onto a heat proof surface to finish off the perfect outdoor kitchen.


5cm Ceramic Fibre Installation
3cm Thick Fire Bricks
Removable Stand with rugged wheels and handle
Flat Base for Mounting on Flat, Fire Proof Surfaces
Oven Door 
Temerature Gauge
Stylish Finish
Side Shelves


Height: 1900cm (including chimney)
Width : 145cm   (including Shelves)
Depth : 84cm
Weight: 128kg

  • £1,499.99

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