00120 BBQ Control Knob - Weber

  • £6.99

00120 Control Knob - Weber

Compatible with:


Genesis 1000 
Genesis 1300 
Genesis 2000 
Genesis 2300 
Genesis 3300 
Genesis 5000 
Genesis 5500 
Genesis Gold B 2002- 
Genesis Gold B pre-2002 
Genesis Gold C 2002- 
Genesis Gold C pre-2002 
Genesis I-V 
Genesis Junior
Genesis Silver A 
Genesis Silver B 2004- 
Genesis Silver C 2004- 
Genesis Spirit 500 
Platinum I 
Platinum II 
Spirit 500 
Spirit 700 
Spirit E-210 pre-2013 
Spirit E-310 2015- 
Spirit E-320 
Spirit S-210 pre-2013
Spirit Silver E-310

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