Yukon Outdoor Kitchens

Our Straight Outdoor Kitchen Configurations

Yukon Outdoor Kitchens, designed & supplied by The BBQ Shop are a 3 metre straight run kitchen featuring a centrepiece grill-head from one of our specialist manufacturers. All include a choice of 2 British Stone Worktops, and 4 premium cladding tile options.

Featuring stainless steel cabinetry, as standard including 2 single door units, with a double drawer door combo sitting under the grill-head. There is the option to add a commercial grade outdoor Fridge, in which case, one single door unit is replaced by the fridge. All of our Yukon kitchens also offer an option to include a side burner (except with Broil King imperial BBQs, where this comes as standard included).

The 5 bbq manufacturers we have chosen to feature as the primary grill-head within Yukon Outdoor Kitchens are BeefEater, Broil King, Bull, Napoleon & Whistler Grills. All specialise in integrated bbqs for outdoor kitchens, and are renowned for their durability, as well as being customer (and staff) favourites.


The only choice of BBQ for an Aussie, BeefEater unsurprisingly know how to make fantastic grills. They are capable of particularly high cooking temperatures – perfect for cooking steaks – and include a flat griddle plate as standard.


Family-owned Broil King are committed to building their BBQs at their North American locations. These durable BBQs are packed full of useful features and high-quality burners to give you a fantastic grilling experience! Every Broil King BBQ is built to provide unparalleled cooking versatility. The Broil King gas grills give you the ability to cook almost anything in any style. Whether you are looking to sear steaks, roast chickens or bake pizzas!


Bull are often reffered to as the gold standard in outdoor cooking - renowned by chefs & backyard BBQ enthusiasts alike. Their construction from 304 grade stainless steel & genuine quality of components offers the incredible durability that allows them to offer their limited lifetime warranties. Alongside this durability with engineering expertise, Bull innovate with their ReliaBull Even-Heat Technology which eliminates uneven heating on the grills for better, more consistent results.


Napoleon barbecues are renowned for being reliable and long lasting, as well as fantastic value for money. Originally established as a steel manufacturer by a German couple who moved to Canada; you can be sure the quality of materials and engineering in the Napoleon barbecues are second to none! 


As a new brand, from a manufacturer who has been producing high end gas barbecues since the 90s, Whistler Grills are built to an incredibly high specification, utilising high grade materials such as 304 grade stainless steel which is extremely rust resistant. This use of premium materials means that all Whistler Grills come with limited lifetime waranties.

If you love our Yukon Outdoor Kitchens, but want to add or change anything, contact us by clicking here - via our bespoke outdoor kitchen page, and we can tailor a design to exactly your needs.

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