Big Green Egg Rotisserie for Large Egg

  • £275.00

  • Turns up to 25kg in weight
  • Coated steel ring to seal EGG shut
  • Mains powered motor

Big Green Egg Rotisserie for Large Egg

The official Big Green Egg Rotisserie is finally here!! Now you can add rotisserie cooking to the list of things the Big Green Egg can do. 

With its powerful 220V-240V mains powered motor, you can hold, and more importantly turn, up to 25kg in weight on the spit rod. If it will fit in the EGG, then this rotisserie will almost definitely turn it. A coated steel ring attachment seals the EGG for optimal heat and flavour retention.

One of the main characteristics of a Rotisserie is the steady drip of delicious fats and juices that fall from the spit as it turns. Thankfully, it’s simple enough to set up your EGG to make the most of this flavoursome drizzle while turning out starters, sides or sauces.

For this, you’ll need an EGGspander System Multi-Level Rack, which will sit below the Rotisserie. You can either cook directly – grilling a flatbread, for example – or, by adding a Baking Stone, you can create an indirect cook, perfect for roasting vegetables or turning those drips into gravy. These accessories are in the related products at the bottom of the page.

Please note - this will not work if you have the Egg in an integrated metal nest with the side shelves on.

  • 220V-240V mains powered motor
  • Will work on all Large Eggs regardless of the base it is in (shelves would need to be folded down)
  • Can fit 2 mediums sized chickens
  • One speed setting
  • Can be used for direct or indirect cooking
Product Category: BBQ Accessory
BBQ Accessories
BBQ Accessories: Cooking Accessory, Big Green Eggcessory
Cookware & Grill Grates: Rotisserie

All metal parts have a 1 year warranty

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