Whistler Grills - Griddle for 4 Burner

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Whistler Grills - Griddle for 4 Burner

For use with the Whistler Grills Burford 4 & the Whistler Grills Bibury 4

An asset to your grill and a must have Whistler Grills Accessory.
The perfect oppurtunity to diversify your cooking.

There are many benefits to cooking on a Griddle or Flat Plate.
Cooking on a Griddle allows for easy cleaning as you only have one singular flat surface to wipe down or scrub after use.
It saves time and means you can spend more time cooking and less time scrubbing...

It's also extremely easy to use, and gives you the oppurtunity to diversify your cooking! You can now cook mushrooms, caramelized onions, and other small items that would otherwise fall through the grills! Having a flat griddle is handy when making burgers as well. Allowing you to keep the buns warm and build the burgers on the grill like a professional!
Just to ensure your griddle doesn't collect fat from foods you are cooking, it also features a drainage system as seen in the photo above, so the juices from your food don't pool!

Simply take out your existing grill and replace with the Griddle.


High quality, heavy gauge stainless steel
Easy to clean, assemble and replace
Diversifies your cooking oppurtunities


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