Meater 2 - Plus

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  • Wireless Thermometer
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Five internal sensors - guarantees +/- 0.5°F accuracy

Meater 2 - Plus

The new Meater 2 Plus is everything that the original Meater Plus was, just upgraded to the next level!!

Pair your Meater Plus Thermometer to the Meater app and get alerts while cooking allowing you to cook meats perfectly every time! 
Rest assured this is 100% wireless free. No tangles, No fuss, No mess. 

The probe now contains 5 internal sensors giving you a far better reading of the true internal temperature of the food. The exterior sensor also reads the ambient cooking temperature.
Have your hand held by the pro's with their Guided Cook System, walking you through every step of the cooking process to guarantee the perfect consistency. 
You'll have the ability to monitor your meat from your phone via bluetooth.

This Meater 2 Thermometer even has an Advanced Estimator Algorithm! It will estimate how long your meat needs to both cook and rest for to help you plan and manage your cooking time! 

  • Wireless Thermometer
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Five internal sensors - guarantees +/- 0.5°F accuracy
  • Finds the true lowest internal temperature
  • Lab certified accuracy
  • Monitor your internal temperature to tenths of degrees
  • Multi sensors makes it easy to find the lowest temperature on smaller cuts of meat
  • Full metal probe
Product Category: BBQ Accessory
BBQ Accessories
BBQ Tools: Thermometer/Probe

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