Charcoal BBQ Specialist Course - Roasting

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Attendee Information

  • BBQ Grilling Course to expand on roasting specific skills
  • 4 Hour Course
  • Max Class Size 12
  • 6 Individual Cooking Sations with Big Green Eggs
In our series of differing courses intended for those looking to push their skills to the next level and learn how to use your BBQ in a new and exciting way:

Roasting: In our roasting course, explore efficient ways of using your bbq for roasting chicken, rotisserie meats and technique, cedar planked fish, roasted veg, and Yorkshire puddings .
  • How to optimise your BBQ for Roasting
  • Roasting a whole chicken
  • Roasting with a rotisserie - meats & technique
  • Roasting vegetables in the bbq
  • BBQ Roasted Yorkshire Puddings