Green Olive Firewood - Kindling Wood Sticks

  • £6.99

Easy to Light

Low Moisture content

Fast Lighting capabilities

Green Olive Firewood - Kindling Wood Sticks

Ideal for getting your fire started! 
Produced from softwoods, these Kindling Wood Sticks are kiln dried to a moisture of around 15%, meaning you can count on them for a superior quality fire.

Easy to light due to its low moisture content, Fast lighting capabilities and comes in a 2kg - 3kg netted bag.

Need to fire up your wood burner fast? These kindling sticks are ready to use, delivering a quick ignition and a longer burn time. Create a glowing fireplace or a hot BBQ without lighter fluid and unnecessary toxins. In addition, these dry kindling sticks possess moisture levels below 20%, giving you strong, enduring heat, whether indoors or outdoors. So discover these sustainable kindling wood sticks for a planet-friendly way to heat your home and cook your food today. 


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