Green Olive Firewood - Olive Firewood Logs - 30 Litres

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Green Olive Firewood - Olive Firewood Logs - 30 Litres

Green Olive - Olive firewood is an incredibly dense wood that adds new aromas when burning.
Because the firewood is that much denser, and sourced in the Mediterranean, it allows for a longer burn compared to wood sourced in the UK.

The moisture of Green Olive kiln dried wood is below 20% and generally reads between 5%-15%.
This is the most optimal moisture for burning and is therefore ready to burn with the highest efficiency.

Upgrade your fireplace with olive wood logs. Our olive firewood is ethically sourced from biomass waste during the olive-picking season in the Mediterranean, providing a planet-friendly way to heat your home. In addition, these olive wood logs are sustainable, super dense and aromatic, giving your fire a long, beautiful burn.

Volume per bag - 20 litres stacked, equivalent to 30 litres loose (0.03m3)
Approx. 8-12 logs in an easy to carry net bag




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